Individual Member Benefits:

  • Designator status may be indicated on all personal communication such as business cards, stationery and email signatures.
  • Discounts to certain industry events and functions including CPD offerings.
  • Access to a network of like minded professionals through the local insurance institute.
  • Recording of your designation status on the National Learners' Records Database (NLRD) with SAQA.
  • Free access to communication and certain online CPD activities through renowned insurance partners.
  • Access to your personal records on our system including your academic and CPD record with the ability to update your contact information.
  • Free recording of CPD events you have completed.


  • If you work for a corporate member company you still have to apply for individual membership.
  • Similarly, membership of a local insurance institute does not automatically translate to IISA membership

Global Choices

  • We no longer have a lifestyle programme with Global Choices, but the following value add services:

Crime Victim Assist

This is a 24-hour crisis management product to assist you in the event of a hi-jacking or Home Invasion. Our Crime box will include the following to assist you with the necessary arrangements after a traumatic experience:

  • A pre-loaded debit card to the value of R500
  • Cell phone loaded with pre-paid airtime worth R200
  • Hotel Accommodation worth R2000
  • Locksmith to your house to assist you with your locks, up to the value of R1000 per annum
  • Home Affairs documentation should your ID book/Passport have been taken in the incident.

Home Safe Chauffeur:

This product is designed to encourage you to drive responsibly.  Statistics show car incidents as a result of drinking and driving account for a large percentage of accidents on our roads, especially at night.

  • We will ensure that you and your vehicle arrive home safely.  We will dispatch a vehicle with two drivers (where possible) and drive you home in your own car
  • All drivers are in possession of a public driver’s permit, carry a cell phone and dress professionally.  The drivers all speak English

You are entitled to use this service 6 times per annum. Each incident is capped at R500 rand, any costs incurred over and above this will be for the client’s account

Global App

The Global App solution is the latest development in Value Added Insurance Technology providing users with direct access to their policy benefits and 24hour assistance services at the touch of a button.  Our case managers are in contact 24hours a day via our Live Chat feature and ensures you and your family are always safe.  Vital information that can save time, and costs from the scene of an accident includes location verified drivers licence data, verified vehicle data, photo's, witnesses, medical data and policy data. 

Our App suite is custom built to suit the needs of Emergency Assistance services, reducing the time required to assist clients. All Client apps come with free Family Assist benefits that ensure all your Clients and family members are under management and can be assisted should an Emergency arise.

The IISA will submit regular updated details of paid up professional members to Global Choices and they will load your details onto the Global App. This information will also be used for verification purposes on Global Choices side when clients call in to the assist line or use the panic button on the App.