IISA Top Student
Annual Awards

IISA Top Student Annual Awards
as sponsored by
the short term insurance market


All students wishing to qualify for the Annual Awards shall adhere to the following criteria:

  1. UNISA :- Students must complete all the required relevant modules of the IISA Insurance programmes exclusively at either Unisa or Unisa Centre for Business Management whether this is a single module prize or an overall first, second or third Designation prize. Exemptions granted for other qualifications will not be included in the awards category.
  2. MILPARK :- Students studying at Milpark do not need to send their results to the IISA as these will be obtained directly from Milpark Business College in respect of the various categories for which there are industry sponsored awards available.
  3. The student must be the top student overall, taking into account achievement in all modules over the period taken to complete the designated qualification for the IISA designations of FIISA, AIISA or LIISA at either Unisa or Milpark.
  4. The student, for the individual module prizes must have written and passed the module in the calendar year prior to the calendar year of the award.
  5. The prize winning student must be currently employed in the short term insurance industry in their respective country of residence.
  6. The prizes will be awarded at the Annual Conference Gala Dinner or other appropriate events on the insurance calendar.
  7. Whilst the vast majority of prizes are sponsored by the generosity of the insurance industry, in the unlikely event of a particular category of module not being sponsored, NO financial award shall be made in respect of the winner of such category module. If there is no sponsorship obtained - then there will no financial award, at the sole discretion of the IISA.
  8. In order to qualify for any Top Student Awards, students must either be a current member of the IISA or must submit formal applications for Membership and pay their fees. To be considered for any award the student must submit their UNISA results to the IISA for consideration. In the case of MILPARK students the IISA will obtain the results directly from MILPARK. The UNISA student results must be submitted to the IISA by not later than the 30th April in the calendar year of the awards in order to be eligible to receive awards. The awards and the monetary value thereof shall be at the sole discretion of the IISA.
  9. All student information in the possession of Unisa, Milpark or the IISA shall be considered strictly confidential and is consequently not available for inspection or scrutiny.
  10. The awards shall be made at the sole and absolute discretion of the IISA, on behalf of the insurance industry, in terms of the above criteria, as posted upon the IISA website. Students shall at all times ensure that they are and remain fully aware of and conversant with, these criteria. The decision of the adjudicators shall be final and no discussion or objection shall be entertained and no correspondence shall be entered into in regard thereto. The IISA Professional Standards Committee is the responsible party in all cases.
  11. Students who supply their academic results information to the IISA agree that the IISA may use such information to select the Top Student Award winners and is entitled to publish the names of the Award winners in the IISA Newsletters and at Industry events not restricted to but including the Annual Insurance Conference at Sun City.
06 March 2017