The IISA is a national registered professional body for the promotion and advancement of knowledge and skills, the maintenance of ethical and professional standards and the general development and progress of its members and of persons in the insurance industry.

The Insurance Institute of South Africa is a professional membership institute for the South African insurance industry.

Our aim is to promote skills development and professional conduct among members engaged in the insurance industry. We maintain a central body of knowledge and develop and sustain relationships with local and international insurance institutes and industry bodies.

Our members include corporate subscribers and individual professional members. The IISA serves the insurance industry as a whole, with the strongest support originating from the short term market.

The purpose of the IISA is:

  • To provide a central organisation to promote efficiency, progress, welfare, knowledge and general development among people in the insurance industry
  • To promote and assist the study of insurance
  • To exercise control and supervision over the professional standards of members
  • To improve the professional status of qualified practitioners and to promote the interests, welfare and advancement of members in general


The first insurance institute in South Africa was established in 1898 in Cape Town. As the industry grew, so other institutes developed in main centres across the country, all affiliated with the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) in London.

The institutes initially provided insurance technical learning material for distance learning and testing by examination.

In 1966 the local institutes voted to form a central South African body and the Insurance Institute of South Africa was formed as an affiliate of the CII, with the local institutes in turn becoming affiliates of the IISA.


To promote world class standards and skills for a world class industry.


To implement and honour professional standards, to advance the acquisition of knowledge, to ensure the highest ethical values are upheld and to embrace and pursue sustainable long term goals for the advancement and benefit of its members and stakeholders and in the best interests of the insurance industry.

Code of Conduct

The IISA shall at all times ensure its compliance, as well as that of its members, with this code and with all relevant legislation.

    These standards constitute the foundation of the code:

  • To adhere to and uphold the highest ethical standards and honesty and integrity
  • To act always in the best interests of all stakeholders and to ensure that their needs, priorities, concerns and circumstances are of paramount importance
  • To aspire to excellence and to deliver superior levels of service
  • To conduct business not only within the letter of the law, but also within the spirit of the law
  • To respect and treat people fairly regardless of:
    • Ethnicity
    • Gender or sexual orientation
    • Religion or belief
    • Age
    • Disability
  • To ensure professional knowledge and expertise are constantly updated and relevant, and that members act with skill, care, diligence, transparency and in good faith
  • To promote agreement, co-operation and collaboration amongst members on matters of shared mutual interest
  • To generally behave in a manner that ensures the reputation of the financial services industry and IISA is never brought into disrepute

In good conscience

In continually striving to be a proudly South African organisation with world-class ethics, we are responsible to a variety of stakeholders; to our customers, our suppliers, our corporate and individual professional members, the communities in which we do business and, not least to the IISA itself and all the people who work here.

While operational policies and practices may sometimes be tested by blending cultures and customs, our fundamental ethical standards are universal and will never be compromised

There is one ultimate test to help anyone to make a difficult ethical decisions: Always act in a way that you would not be embarrassed to explain to a national or public authority, your family and friends or your local newspaper.

This principle has served us well in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Download the full IISA Code of Conduct


The IISA's funding is derived mainly from:

  • Membership fees
  • Corporate support from the industry
  • Contributions from the annual conference
  • Income from the sale of training material from the intellectual property base
  • Profits made from seminars and other CPD events